Tuesday, June 19, 2012

President Obama Haters Get A Life

Republicans are in a full court press and they are not going to stop until election day.  This reminds me of the Crenshaw basketball teams of the 80's...when they put that press on you the game was over.  It was only a matter of how bad the beat you. I sure hope the Democrats have a good point guard and a strong center cause its gonna get ugly.  Why is there so much hate you ask? That's because you are who you are.  If you are a good person then you would not disrespect the President of the United States Period.  I you are a bad person then you could care less about President Obama and you would only care about your own self interest like Senator McCain.  More on that later, but I will conclude this post with the United States of America is going to be okay with Obama for the next four years. Follow me on twitter @norrisdorsey      
-Dr. Dorsey